Carpet Cleaning and Floor Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Price Quotes*
Residential Carpet Cleaning First 300 Square Feet $125.00
each additional square foot $0.25 to $0.35
Standard Stairs (per flight) 2-3 Stories $25.00
Prespray for Heavy Soil Prices Included
Red Stain Removal per stain / 4"x8" size $5.00
Tanin Stain Removal per stain / 4"x8" size $5.00
Carpet Repairs*
Carpet Patching per patch from $25.00
Naplock Repair price from $10.00
Naplock Replacement price from $50.00
Seam Repairs per seam from $10.00
Carpet Stretching per standard room $25.00
Carpet Retufts price $10.00
Carpet Dyeing*
Spot Dyeing/Tint Prices Start at $20.00
Pet Odor Removal*
Method 1
  • Removal of carpet pad
  • Cleaning and sealing of sub floor
  • Enzyme treament
  • Deep cleaning of carpet
prices start at $50.00
Method 2
  • Heavy Enzyme Treament
  • Deep extraction cleaning of carpet and pad
prices start at from $25.00
Tile Cleaning Services*
Bathroom Tile/Floor Tile per 150 Square Feet $85.00
Upholstery Cleaning Services/Couch Cleaning*
Clean a 2-Seater Couch (6 foot standard couch) $105.00
Cleaning Upholstery of Couches and Chairs per Linear Foot $15.00 to $17.50
Scotch Guard per linear foot $1.00
Flood/Water Damage Carpet Restoration
(IICRC WRT Certified & Member of Cleaning & Restoration Assoc.)
Minimum Service Call
between 7:30am and 4:00pm Mon-Fri
After Hours Charge
before 7:30am or after 4:00pm Mon-Fri
includes Weekends
Mildew Treatment Prices Start at $15.00
Air Mover Rental per day (or part thereof) $20.00
De-Humidifier per day (or part thereof) $50.00
Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification for Water Damage Restoration Technician
Carpet Remediation pricing is set by Category, Class, Time & Location through XACTIMATE software
Apartment (Commercial) Cleaning Price Quotes
1 - 3 Bedroom Apartment Standard Clean** $75.00
Restore Clean*** $125.00
Occupied Clean $50.00
Stairs (per flight) 2-3 Stories $25.00
Commerical Cleaning $125 for first 300 square foot
then $0.17 - $0.40 per Square foot
Prespray for Heavy Soil Prices Included
Red Stain Removal Prices Included
Tanin Stain Removal Prices Included
  * Only available with carpet clean or combined services over the minimum $125.00
 ** Standard Clean includes 1-3 bedrooms, light soil and 1 red and yellow stain per room. Stairs are an additional $25.00 per flight
*** Restore Clean includes 1-3 bedrooms, heavy soil and 3 red and yellow stain per room. Stairs are an additional $25.00 per flight

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